Springfield Cemeteries

Oakland Cemetery Damage: There was an unfortunate incident in the Oakland Cemetery on June 5, 2023 that caused damage to stones and markers in the older Sections B and C. The damage appears to be within the family lots of Hart, Parker, Cross, Adams and Wahlen. The town is in the process of assessing damage and costs of repair. The Victims Advocate for the Windsor County State’s Attorney’s Office has provided information for accessing funds, for expenses not covered by insurance, through the Victims Compensation Fund and for filing a Victim’s Impact Statement for affected families seeking restitution. For the compensation and restitution forms which must be filed with the Windsor County State’s Attorney’s Office by June 27, 2023, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 802-885-2104. 

Victim's Impact Statement For Families

Crime Victim's Guide To Restitution


Cemetery records are arranged by alphabetical groups. Double-click the relevant file below to open the PDF. Allow a minute for the file to open as some files are quite large. Once the file is open you can either: 

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Cemetery records are updated regularly in the Town Clerk's Office, and somewhat less frequently in this online resource. If you don't find the record you're looking for please contact the Town Clerk's Office for more current information.