Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee was established by the Springfield Selectboard on October 23, 2023 as a seven-member ad hoc committee with a three-year term. 


Because human health is dependent on a healthy and diverse ecosystem, this Conservation Committee seeks to protect, preserve, create, and maintain dynamic natural habitats for a safe and sustainable Springfield in accordance with the Springfield Town Charter.



  1. Education/Public Outreach to increase public awareness and understanding of local natural resources and conservation needs.

a. Work with the school system to educate future generations about the importance of native habitats and their impact on human health, climate change mitigation and the health of our local ecosystem.

b. Create and install signage to inform and educate the public about project objectives and details.

c. Devise and implement community outreach strategies.

d. Organize volunteers.

 2. Identifying specific areas and ecosystems for protection and stewardship.

a. Work with the selectboard on upcoming public works and redevelopment projects to make decisions regarding landscaping.

b. Inventory lands currently identified for conservation.

c. Identifying habitats vulnerable to the potential ravages of climate change and developing plans to prevent, avoid and mitigate such challenges to the ecosystems.

d. Preserve, protect and increase Springfield’s native species and wilderness.

e. Develop and maintain scientific inventories of the natural resources in Springfield.

 3. Assist and provide recommendations to the Town Planning Commission and other Town entities regarding conservation needs.

a. Research municipal conservation best practices from other towns/municipalities.

b. Work with and advise the existing resource management efforts on the local, state, federal, and non-governmental levels.