Development Review Board

Zoom meeting ID; 945-0001-1752 Passcode DRB


1. Call to Order / Roll Call
2. Agenda review
3. Public comment | Announcements (items not on the agenda)
4. Review Rules of Procedure and Oath
The DRB is a quasi-judicial board, those who are planning on speaking about an
application must take an oath: “I hereby swear or affirm that the evidence I give in the
cause under consideration shall be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, under the
pains and penalties of perjury.”
5. Public Hearing
2023-02-06 | Three Lot Boundary Line Adjustment | Resubdivision | 825 Skitchewaug Trail
6. Other Business
7. Adjournment


Register in advance for the Zoom meeting:
The Springfield Town Hall and video conferencing will be ‘open’ to the public starting at 6:15 pm.

If there are any conflicts, please call or text 802.376.6102.