WWTP Report - August 2022


  1. Monthly monitoring of the Pretreatment Facility and Western Seep.
  1. Submitted WR-43 reports for the Treatment Plant
  1. Wastewater Collections continues to respond to trouble calls in different locations around town, inspecting and maintaining the collections system.
  1.  Maintenance and service to equipment at WWTP and Pump Stations.
  1. Plant operators have been busy with routine seasonal grounds maintenance.
  1. Plant operators have been rotated into different positions at the WWTP in an effort to better understand different roles and cross train all employees. This will enable us to react more efficiently to daily needs.
  2.  EAI completed groundwater sampling for 2022 of wells at PTF, Western Seep and along Rt 11.
  3. Sanborn Head came to perform the annual site inspection at the PTF. We also met with their Geotechnical Engineer while on premises, to discuss recent washouts and the deterioration of the sloping down chutes.
  4. Plant Operators rebuilt several moisture traps to eliminate potential gas leaks in our digester building.
  5. The UV system was cleaned and serviced, as part of our routine maintenance schedule. We are currently pricing replacement bulbs.
  6.  Plant operators made repairs to the access road at the PTF as a part of our routine summer maintenance.
  7. Plant Operators rebuilt the Penn Valley transfer pump that was leaking in the basement of the digester building.
  8. Clean Waters will be our new polymer supplier. This is an opportunity to save money on a product better suited for pressing our sludge.
  9. Pump Station 10 (prison pumping station) failed during a recent storm event. This station was supervised twenty-four hours per day from a Friday to a Tuesday. We have resolved the problem by installing a new electrical component. We are taking the steps to install another backup system to take over operation in the event of another such storm. Parts have been ordered and will be installed by EII as soon as possible.
  10. The Royer Screen has been down for roughly a month at our compost facility. This hinders our ability to efficiently run that facility and produce screened compost. We are currently awaiting the necessary parts to get this crucial piece of equipment back up and running.
  11. Sample containers were just ordered for Quarter 3 EQ Biosolids testing.
  12. The personnel at the treatment plant performed daily operations to ensure that the final effluent remains exceptional and the solids handling continues to perform well. We were able to achieve no violations for the month of August 2022.