Water Division - August 2022



Along with the following projects the Water Division personnel performed daily, routine monitoring of pump stations, water tanks, telemetry pits and the Reservoir. 

  1. Excavated and installed curb stop for 361 Summer St.
  2. Repaired flood alarm in the VFW PRV vault.
  3. Sampled for Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic acids DBP’s.in the distribution system.
  4. Locate water lines at various locations for homeowners and contractors.
  5. Investigated water leak at 119 Reservoir Rd. (owner leak)
  6. Investigated no water call at 138 Main St. (internal plumbing issue)
  7. Ten (10) routine Coliform samples taken.
  8. Assisted Wastewater Collection Division.
  9. Sampled for Inorganic Chemicals (IOC) at our three pump stations.
  10. Performed fire flow test with Stantec Engineering at the Hartness State Airport.
  11. Performed four (4) water on and or offs.
  12. Marked out water structures for paving milling.
  13. Rewired meter at 2 Goodyear Ave.
  14. Mowed and trimmed grass at water properties.
  15. Repaired driveway at Reservoir pump station.
  16. Changed nine (9) meters. (updated or stopped)
  17. Performed twenty three (23) closings/final reads. (sale of property)