Assessment Office

Nichole Knight


Johanna Fairbanks

96 Main Street 
Springfield, VT 05156
Tel: 802.885.2104 x228
Fax 802.885.1617

The function of the Assessment Office is to establish fair and accurate property values of all real estate and taxable business personal property in Springfield, Vermont. The office is responsible for the administration of all laws and regulations regarding property tax assessments.

The assessed values are the basis for the town's annual property tax levy. The Grand List Book is an inventory of approximately 4,279 taxable and exempt real estate parcels.

Additionally, there are approximately 200 business personal property tax accounts. All businesses need to register with the Assessment Office. Forms can be found on our town website under the Assessment Office.

Springfield online property map (data linked to map)

Assessment data cards (more detailed) 

*Paper copies of the 2022-2023 Reappraisal Abstract (below) can be obtained from the Assessment Office for 10 cents per page.  

Assessment Schedule

***Tentative schedule for the appeal process. Actual dates may vary annually.***

Business Personal Property Asset forms are mailed to all businesses located in Springfield. If your business does not receive a Business Personal Property Asset form, please call (802) 885-2104 to register your business. Ask for the Assessment Office.


All real estate and business personal property is to be appraised by the Assessment Office as of April 1.

Business Personal Property forms are to be completed and must be received in the Assessment Office by 4:30 PM on the due date. The deadline date is typically April 20. Extensions can be granted following written application to the Assessment Office.

The Assessment Office finalizes all real estate and business personal property values. A List of all taxable properties (known as the annual Abstract Grand List Book), is submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office.

Property grievance hearing meeting times are posted during the first week of May. Also, our office will mail Change of Assessment Notices to all property owners whose property value has changed within the past year.

Final day to appeal to the Board of Assessors. Property owners are given 14 calendar days from the date of the Change of Appraisal Notice. The Board of Assessor’s property grievance hearings are typically held at the end May or early in June. The definite date will posted on the town website at the beginning of May.

Board of Assessors makes appeal decisions and notifies owners of decisions.
The deadline for the taxpayer to appeal Board of Assessor's decisions to the Board of Tax Appeals is stated in those notices.
Property values are finalized and submitted as the Grand List.

The Finance Department mails tax bills during the first several weeks of July.

The first quarterly tax payment is due in the Finance Department by August 15th.